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Run Time: 93 minutes
Size: 1.6 GB
Size (HD): 4.4 GB

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Finally: An entire HELDMASCHINE live concert, shot in Koblenz, Germany, on May 12th 2017. Almost 94 minutes of HELDMASCHINE live! The intimate, yet raw and powerful performance was pro-shot by professional filmmakers and transports you right there - in the middle of the hard rocking and partying fans. There is no distance between audience and band in this authentic document of a steamrolling HELDMASCHINE LIVE+LAUT show! The songs from this live concert differ from the live double album with the same name - so you are in for a special treat, including a special bonus track version of HELDMASCHINE's hit ®. This one only happened once, on this very special night. The band sings in german of course, but english subtitles are included so the communication between fans and the band can be followed closely.
This LIVE+LAUT film version HAS english SUBTITLES, so you can follow the singers explanations and the entire communication with the audience that night.

There also is a version of ths LIVE+LAUT show available that has NO subtitles !

Language: German
Subtitles: Englisch
Audio: Stereo

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1) Himmelskörper

2) Gegenwind

3) Die Maschine spricht

4) Collateral

5) Heldmaschine

6) Ich komme

7) Schwerelos

8) Sexschuss

9) Herz aus Stein

10) Es brennt

11) Wer einmal lügt

12) Propaganda

13) Die Braut, das Meer

14) Das Mass ist voll

15) Gammelfleisch

16) Weiter!


17) L


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